Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa’s Pizza shop is always filled with customer because of the mouthwatering tasty pizzas he offers, as a head chef Papa Louie needs to go to an urgent task so in his absence he puts the delivery boy Roy in charge of the shop and the player as an assistant to help Roy to run the shop. Unlike the previous Papa Louie franchise this game is for the simulation lover. Papa’s Pizzeria theme gives the player a vivid impression of working in a pizza shop.

Click Here to play Papa’s Pizzeria

Click Here to play Papa’s Pizzeria

Controls overview

The controls of Papa’s Pizzeria are quite simple, it only requires mouse to play the game with which the players will need to drag and drop the items to operate and control the game.

Overview of the game

Papa’s Pizzeria is currently run by Roy and players needs to help him in satisfying the customer and earning tips by making the customer happy. The game’s objective is to earn a certain amount of money each day, and failing to do so will result in losing the game. The game provides great excitement as it provides a hasty situation in completing a challenge.

Failing to satisfy a customer can lower the amount of money earned. Not only players will need to take the role of a waiter but also as a chef. Each customer will order different type of pizza, so the players are required to execute the correct recipe for every order. Recipesfor each of the pizza are very different from each other, to cook a pizza players will have to do the following

  • Toppings – A pizza requires toppings to make it tasty anddepending on the order of the customers, you need to put the correct topping in the pizza and a single mistake in the topping can lower your income.
  • Oven – No chef in the world can bake a pizza without an oven. The oven can handle a maximum of 4 pizzas. Different customers prefer different amount of baking, and an over baked pizza can dissatisfy the customers. So players must keep an eye on the timer at all time to make sure the pizza doesn’t get overbaked.
  • Serving –Cooking is an art anddepending on how the player serve it to the customer, youwill receive a rating based on the quality of it. Depending on the order of the customers you will be required to slice a whole pizza in to 4 to 8 slices and you must slice these pizza beautifully to avoid making the customer unhappy.

Papa's Pizzeria

Score in Papa’s Pizzeria are achieved by how marvelously players serve each dish. If the serving is better, then the chance of obtaining a good score increases drastically as well as increasing the attraction of more customers in the shop to have a slice of the delicious pizza. The rating of the score depends on 4 key factor.

  • Waiting – How long each customer must wait to get their desired order. So a faster delivery will definitely increase the chance to get good score.
  • Topping – Whether the topping in the pizza matches their order, by decorating and putting the correct topping in the pizza, you will boost the chance of getting a nice score.
  • Cutting –   Slicing the pizza accurately has a great effect on your score or tips. By providing the right number of clean slices desired by the customer, you will receive more scores.
  • Baking – Baking the pizza is a key factor in increasing your scores. Accurately baking the pizza will have an effect on the taste of the pizza and for which the customers will tip you.