Games Like Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a 2D endless side-scrolling game that is developed by dotGEARS. The game is based on a bird named Faby, which needs to be controlled in order to survive as long as you can. During the run, you will encounter lots of pipes of different sizes. Players have to ensure that the bird does not collide with these pipes.

Moreover, they have to continuously tap the screen in order to make Faby fly or else she will fall due to gravity. The game is very addictive and to encourage users in playing the game, the developers have come up with a reward system. Players who score 10 points receive a bronze medal and those who score 20 receive a silver medal. For winning the gold medal, players need to score 30 points and platinum is awarded to players with score 40 and above.

There are lots of games available online whose gameplay is similar to Flappy Bird. Below-mentioned are some of the very close ones:

1. Jetpack Joyride


In this game, players need to control the protagonist Barry Steakfries who is wearing a jetpack. The controls are very much similar to Flappy Bird where player needs to tap the screen to ascend and quit tapping the screen to descend. In the beginning, players start with a machine gun jetpack but later they can choose from the different jetpacks. Each jetpack is equipped with different powers, weapons, etc.

You can create havoc in the Laboratory of Evil scientists by blazing the shining guns that comes with your jetpack. The more damage you inflict more will be your game bonus. The game is entertaining and is available for free on Android Play Store.

2. Giri Giraffe


In Giri Giraffe, players control a Giraffe by tapping the screen to make Giri go higher and release the screen in order to lower her neck. Player needs to eat red apples and avoid eating the poisonous apples. Apples serves as a game currency, so players can use the collected apples to buy clothing and other upgrades for Giri.

If you collect good amount of apples in one run then you might be lucky enough to eat a golden apple which will make Giri more powerful. The game features cute graphics and can be downloaded for free from the play store.

3. Flappy Doge


The Fans of Flappy Bird will find Flappy Doge the most interesting game. As you play Flappy Doge, you will realize that it is a mirror image of the game Flappy Bird. In Flappy Doge, you control Doge by pressing the screen to ascend and release it to descend. On their journey, players earn and collect coins that can be used to buy cute upgrades for Doge. The game provides users to compete with millions of other players by submitting their best score in leader boards.

If you want to try on some games which are very close to Flappy Bird then you should definitely try the aforesaid three games. You are surely going to love playing them!