Papa Louie 1

Papa Louie – he is the chef and owner of Papa’s pizza shop. He is giving free pizza to every tenants in his buildings but his free treat goes somehow different than he expected. His mouth watering delicious pizza are turning into mutant monster pizzas which are trapping people in the multigrain fields. It is up to Papa Louie to save all the tenant that have been taken hostage and to figure out who is responsible for this sinister plan.

Click Here to play Papa Louie 1

Click to play Papa Louie 1

Controls of the game

  • Right Arrow key – Moves Papa Louie in right
  • Left Arrow key – Moves Papa Louie in left
  • Down Arrow key – To pick up the pizza boxes
  • “Z” key – To use the pizza bat
  • Space bar – Makes Papa Louie Jump holding space will make him glide
  • “X” key – Pressing “X” key will make Papa Louie use pepper bomb on enemy


Overview of the game

The game Papa Louie brings a great deal of action and tests your skill on precise timing and discovering things. Players get the chance to smash with a bat and throw pepper bombs at the mutant food that are terrorizing the multigrain field, and without proper strategy these mutant food can bring an end to the business. Across his rescue mission Papa Louie will find coins which are scattered around the whole stage. These coins are quite hard to discover and requires you to explore the entire stage, as they can be very helpful for they can be used to buy items from the shop.

The game consists of various foods and items mostly related to kitchens and this game can be great for players who love food and cooking, the theme of the game is based on food and if you wish to beat your food up then Papa Louie will do it for you as he walks around with his special weapons and items to help him in his mission, here are what Papa Louie carries around –

Pizza Bat Papa Louie’s trusty pizza bat which he used to make pizza. Now he must smash the evil mutant food with it.

Pepper bomb – One of daily ingredient that’s used on regular cooking but this time the pepper bomb acts as a grenade which can destroy horrific mutant foods. The pepper is quite tricky to use as it can cause harmful effect to enemy also Papa Louie too throwing it wisely is the best plan.

Papa Louie

Chef Hat – Papa Louie wear these chef hat with pride as he loves serving people his tasty foods. The chef hat is no ordinary hat it can help to Papa Louie to glide through a long distance.

In the battle between Papa Louie and the mutated food monsters, Papa Louie bumps in to a various set of enemies such as –

Mutant Pizza – These horrific deadly pizza monster will rise up from an innocent looking pizza box and will spit sticky cheese from their mouth which can ensnare Papa Louie and stop his actions for a short time. Papa Louie has to make sure he does not get stuck by the cheese or else it can be quite harmful during a wrong situation. To avoid these deadly spits, Papa Louie can use his pizza bat to deflect the cheese towards the monster, which will turn it back into regular pizza.

Submarine Sandwich – There are walking submarine sandwiches in the  world, which roam around and can be very annoying to kill as hitting them once won’t have an effect because there are three of pieces in each sandwich. So, don’t forget to hit them thrice before moving forward.