Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie and his customers are in trouble again as Papa Louie’s enemy keeps trying to ruin his business, but Papa Louie won’t stop as he will try his best to satisfy his customers. In this sequel of Papa Louie, the game consists of various different types of special unique new features which brings the game a different style.

Click Here to play Papa Louie 2

Click Here to play Papa Louie 2

This time you get to choose to play with Marty and Rita, who are workers in the shop, as they begin their day and they start off by serving the customers with free burgers as it is a free burger day in Papa Louie’s shop but then suddenly a mysterious man arrives in the shop and plants something, which creates a large vortex and starts absorbing all the customers, while the food gets mutated and aggressive again.

Now it is time for you to help Marty or Rita to bring back the customers and bring an end to this chaos by jumping inside the vortex and fighting the ferocious foods in the strange world.

Gameoverview, objective and features

Papa Louie 2 is a platform based game with filled with action and adventure with challenging stages which are very exciting or entertaining and the levels are quite difficult and becomes more difficult as you proceed through the various stages. The game provides a variety of unique features which were not present in the first part but most of the features are similar and provides a familiar feel.

Papa Louie new levels


The mission of the game is move around in a strange world filled with live and aggressivefoods which you must fight against and bring back the Papa and the kidnapped customers to bring peace.This sequel of the game do not require you to bring back pizzas to the real world. As you rescue customers they can be used in the game to fight the foods and help rescue the others with their unique powers each of them have. Once you have rescued a customer you can select any level and the customer will be available to play with.

The basic character Marty or Rita has the classic spatula to begin with, and as you unlock customers you will get a chance to play with different special powers which allow you to reach new areas, retrieve keys and rescue more customers as well, for example – flare guns, whip etc. are all available to fight with. Papa Louie 2 has added the feature of hitting enemies with your foot. So, if you are jumping down, make sure to land on your enemy to stun it. Like the previous part this game also gives you the ability to choose between the various different unlocked levels to find hidden items or coins that might have been missed out.

Papa Louie Games

There are many ferocious food monsters mutated by a mysterious person, and these monsters are roaming around all over the place, so be sure to tell apart the differences and fight back properly, some of these monsters include –

Mutant Burgers – Delicious burgers are hopping and moving around all over the place, these burgers can be very dangerous and they do not give up easily as they have various layers before they can finally be put to rest. So, be sure to hit these with your weapons multiple times or else you would lose your life.

Mutant Vegetables – There are many vegetables that are roaming around in the strange world where everyone is trapped in and these vegetables are not friendly, avoid the vegetables and/or hit them with your weapon to destroy them before they destroy you.