Papa Louie 4

Papa Louie finally thought he was safe from the mysterious disruptions and sabotage of his food shop, he did not face any more of the incidents he had face previously for a long time and he declared that he can finally run his business and satisfy the customers. While he was completely assured of his and his customer’s safety, Papa Louie once again faced a great danger this time during serving deserts.

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Papa Louie 4 brings a new look to the game as well as a new taste, this time the game filled with bitter sweetness as it is filled with crazy mutant fruits, cakes, ice-creams and much more that was never before found in other parts of the game. The game kept the similarity and theme intact but made few changes to the settings to give a new feel.

Story and objective

Papa Louie was on his way to introduce new items in the menu, all the customers were expecting him to show up but the customers were extremely disappointed with Papa Louie’s inability to keep his promise. But the loyal customers figured some was wrong and went to check on Papa Louie and it seems that he had been kidnapped and the kitchen was filled with mutated food monsters again and these went outside terrorizing the entire city. The customers must save Papa Louie and prevent the mutant deserts from spreading all over the city. This time the monsters are roaming all over Papa’s world and turning other foods in to monsters as well.

Papa Louie 4

Your objective is to help out the customers on the rescue mission of saving Papa, as he was being kidnapped by his enemy, the only way to rescue him is by fighting against the mutant food monsters and solving puzzles. Increase your power by joining forces with more of the customers in different parts of the city.

This sequel do not let you play with Papa as he is the one in trouble this time, instead you get to play with the customers who are willing to do anything for Papa, with the various characters to choose from, the game can provide you with many new features with different weapons, abilities and much more. Different customer use different weapons and the characters choice is limited in the beginning, you will have to find the rest of the people scattered around the city to join with them in the adventure to rescue Papa Louie.

Papa Louie 4

The game takes place in the city where Papa Louie lives, the mutant monsters are roaming all over the place. They can be very deadly and you have to be very cautious and also use the right weapon. Papa Louie 4 includes various enemies which can be harmful to you during your adventure, some of these are-

Pastry Monster – these look very delicious and sweet, but as soon as you go near them, it will try to devour you. These creamy pastries will rush towards you upon seeing you, so avoid these at all cost and make sure to avoid touching their creams trail on the ground which can poison you on contact.

Jelly Monster – The jelly monster appears to be completely harmless but it is capable of harming you in various ways. The jelly monster can engulf you inside it and keep you trapped for a brief period of time which can decrease your health to almost none. These monsters can also come in handy as they can be used as means of a spring to jump higher.

Cherry – Even sweet red cherries can be quite deadly when they are mutated, these roam around hopping and breaking things on the way.